Wednesday, July 6, 2011


tape 1
01. dog palace (entrance)
02. pop dr(((o)))nes
03. larry david dub
04. sound exchange (feat. steven lee)
05. citizens instigating anarchy (feat. alien jourgenson)
06. tibetan singin bowls - part 1 (feat. helen heil)
07. we gotta get rid af this bird
08. gypsy church
09. wave
10. little green aliens
11. head greensman (feat. robert brown)
12. depression reggae (fet. robert brown)

tape 2
13. bubba kush (feat. chris brake)
14. two voices
15. tired - part 1
16. sherlock holmes (feat. rob brown human beatbox I)
17. indrid cold's voice
18. paperwork (feat. badlands dave and andrew from ukulele soft rock project)
19. fritter
20. vinyl
21. warm chill
22. room for everyone
23. jack rooney and the black void
24. the earth's frequency is getting slower

john micah rapp wrote and recorded a song every day, for six months. the results range from charming and introspective to looming numbers layered with distorted samples and gritty bass lines. instead of a feeling of alienation or loneliness, these songs carry a sense of wonder and excitement for the unknown. there’s no doubt rapp successfully explored every nook and cranny of home recording, while unintentionally documenting six months of his life within the 150+ tracks that came out of the project.

'catharsis' is AD's favorites from these sessions combined on two 60 min tapes. Initial pressing of only 30 copies is available now at:


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